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    Comprehensive dental care, personalised for you

    At Dental Essentials, we provide general and cosmetic dental treatments for children and adults in Kingaroy, with affordable prices and friendly service guaranteed. So, whether you need fillings, crowns, dentures, extractions or anything else, we can take care of it.

    Our dentists are all highly trained and specialise in preventative care, as well as restorative treatment for those who need it. We can provide professional oral hygiene advice and teeth cleaning services, as well as diagnose any issues you may have, developing personalised treatment plans for your ultimate benefit.

    Our philosophy

    We believe it’s important to take the time to listen to patients and discuss what they want from their dental treatment, which is exactly what happens at Dental Essentials. We offer personalised services for your complete satisfaction, and will create treatment plans that meet your specific needs. We’ll also discuss all your options and the rationale behind any recommendations we make, so you’ll always be fully informed along the way.

    We provide:

    • Preventative oral care and treatment
    • Dental examinations
    • Digital X-rays
    • Professional cleanings
    • Extractions
    • Fillings, crowns and bridges
    • Dentures
    • Mouthguards

    Cosmetic dentistry services:

    • Teeth whitening
    • Porcelain veneers
    • Composite fillings and crowns

    Special services:

    • Treatment under general anaesthetic
    • Wisdom teeth extraction
    • Implant-retained tooth replacements

    The best people

    dental essentials patient

    At Dental Essentials, our team of dentists is highly experienced and fully trained to ensure the delivery of top-quality services to all our patients. Indeed, from our staff in the front office, right through to the clinical assistants and sterilisation team, are of our employees are committed to providing the very highest standard of service.

    With this expert team at hand, most of our dental treatments are therefore carried out on-site, although if a case is particularly specialised or severe, we’ll give the option of a referral. The Lady Florence Bjelke-Petersen Community Hospital is our chosen facility for patients undergoing hospital procedures (treatment under general anaesthetic), and this provides a convenient, safe option for these patients.

    Innovative technology and treatment

    All of the equipment and instruments used at Dental Essentials are the most up-to-date and innovative and have been selected with our clients’ comfort and safety in mind.

    They include:

    • Digital X-rays that provide instant images at a fraction of the X-ray dose of conventional imaging.
    • Cameras to show our patients what’s going on inside their mouths.
    • The latest in sterilisation and disinfection equipment to ensure patient safety is maintained at all times.
    • High-end dental chairs with soft cushioning that are comfortable and adjustable.
    • Television screens mounted on the ceiling for patient entertainment (and distraction!) during procedures.
    • Headphones for each treatment room, allowing patients to listen to music, or tune into the television.

      Using only the very best quality dental materials, at Dental Essentials we’re committed to delivering quality dental services that give the best results. We also do all our work on-site, with nothing outsourced, so you can rest assured of a safe and effective set of services every time.

      Call us today on 07 4162 8105 for more information about our dental services in Kingaroy.

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